The name Il Colle is the brand’s primary indicator, suggesting the main feature of the land where Prosecco comes from. It takes us into the world of the estate, its system of values and its environment. Il Colle, by defining its land of origin, helps to make the brand stand out and encourages an interaction with all the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.


The gentle curvature of the name evokes the rolling landscape that embraces the land of wine.The delicate shadow line around Il Colle conveys a feeling of protection and safety, giving the elements just the right amount of space, balance, spontaneity and expression.


Although only established in 1978, Il Colle has evolved naturally from a longstanding family tradition that started and developed in San Pietro di Feletto in the province of Treviso, heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area. The estate’s founders were already making wine in the twenties and their timeless expertise, values and knowledge have been handed down from one generation to the next.Today Il Colle is a byword for indisputable quality and a benchmark for local producers.


The significance of the name is reflected in the graphic rendering of the glass. It embodies the deep harmony between persons, culture and land, identifying the consistent and founding values of the estate. A symbol in itself of hospitality, it also encompasses a domain of defined and unassailable meanings.


It’s possible to see beyond the conventional from an elevated viewpoint. A vision close to the heart, where the foundations of the wine estate lie: tradition, history, family.It is a vision which looks ahead, with new perspectives: innovation, environment and sustainability.


The vine (‘vite’ in Italian), expression and value of a unique land, and the life (‘vita’ in Italian) of a family that has made vine growing its calling, intertwining its own history with the roots of a fertile and generous land.

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With roots firmly in the ground, it is possible to look to the future with confident enthusiasm, as do the Ceschin family whose close links to their origins and the land created the preconditions for a thriving business. Their relationship with the art of vine growing dates back to the 18th century, when they took their first steps in the world of wine through trade between Venice and Cadore. Fully aware that they come from a generous land where time is marked by the painstaking, patient work of its inhabitants, the mild climate and gentle seasons, the Ceschin family for years nurtured the ambition to create a new culture of wine and especially Prosecco, transforming a passion into a calling, and producing top quality Prosecco Superiore DOCG. Finally in 1978 Fabio Ceschin, with his wealth of experience backed up the diploma he had just obtained at the Wine School of Conegliano, decided to make a dream come true and established Il Colle. Today his wife and three children are at the helm of the business, continuing a tradition that stays true to itself and respects the values of the land and the art of winemaking, while steadfastly looking ahead.


Il Colle, whose art in cultivating Prosecco has been on-going for four generations, brings together very specific values such as tradition, family, respect for the land, trust and innovation. It is these elements that have made it a byword for quality and a benchmark for local producers. Its highly favourable geographical position has meant that Il Colle can devote most of its resources to cultivating Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the essential expression of a land which is a true natural heritage. Il Colle harvests approximately 1500 tons of grapes, almost a third of which come from the family estate while the rest comes from small farms in the area. The close cooperation with local producers enables a well-established production capacity to be maintained without jeopardising the healthy and authentic nature of the vinification methods. Due to the particular lie of the land, the grapes are still harvested in the traditional manner, strictly by hand.


The winery’s redevelopment has also included the cellar, which was recently renovated, enlarged and fitted with the latest technological equipment, in line with the development of the whole estate. The large underground cellar cannot be seen from the outside, so the surrounding landscape remains unspoiled. Tidiness, cleanliness and rationality are the key words for this modern space, where technology goes hand in hand with respect for the integrity of the natural product, reflecting the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy. Stringent quality controls are conducted in the state-of-the-art laboratory, under the watchful eye of specialised oenologists.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Il Colle has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, thereby guaranteeing quality development in all aspects of the estate’s activity and the definition of precise improvement targets.


BRC FOOD In 2013 Il Colle achieved grade A BRC Food certification: an indispensable visiting card for any company wanting to enter the international market, where this certification is considered proof of transparency and credibility.


IFS FOOD Il Colle has reached the Higher Level of conformity with the IFS production standard. The function is to evaluate the safety and quality of the products, guaranteeing consumers’ expectations and health.


BIOLOGICO UE It requires 4 years of organic farming in the vineyards before the grapes and the wine can be declared BIO or ORGANIC according to EU parameters. Il Colle received the first Biologico UE certification from ICEA in 2013.