We have packaged and donated 1,065 boxes of basic food necessities that will go to 350 families in Veneto, thanks to the collaboration with the regional Red Cross.

It was not an easy year, because of Covid; but we wanted to try to give a more peaceful Christmas to less fortunate families.

When it comes to solidarity, however, it is essential to be concrete. That’s why we thought of an initiative that would involve us personally. We did it together with the Veneto Red Cross, counting on their reliability and on their widespread knowledge of the difficult situations in our region.

We have decided to allocate a sum for the purchase of basic food necessities. We took care of everything directly, buying and collecting the pallets in our warehouses with pasta, sauces, milk, oil, sugar, coffee and some Christmas sweets to celebrate worthily the holiday season. Then we set up a packing area in the production area, between tanks and autoclaves.

On Friday 11th December, at 8 in the morning, the Red Cross volunteers and our team met at the winery to pack everything. Very quickly and with great enthusiasm, they composed 1,065 family packages that the Red Cross will deliver to about 350 Venetian families, including all 26 territorial committees.

We concluded the work on Saturday, loading the complete pallets into our truck to take them to the regional headquarters of the Red Cross, in Jesolo (Venezia), from which they will be sorted. In particular,  we wanted to help the families of tourism workers who are currently suffering a lot due to stop of arrivals in Venice.
This initiative, in which the whole team participated with great enthusiasm, was born from the idea of ​​Sara, Andrea and Francesco Ceschin, the three young brothers who are now co-owners of Il Colle together with their mother Gianna.

It was a moment of sharing, in which we all felt like one big family.